Alliance CNC has extensive expertise in drill design. With drills creating over 70% of the chips made within the metalworking industry, it’s vital to optimize the performance of these tools within your operation. Minimize your cost-per-cut by contacting Alliance today for all of your custom drilling applications.


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Alliance CNC is capable of producing tight tolerance reamers of all shapes and sizes. Send us your application and we will design a custom solution that will deliver increased performance and added cost savings to your operations.


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Recess Tools

Capitalize on Alliance CNC’s consistent quality by sending us your recess tool applications. Our engineers will design the optimal solution, and our skilled operators governed by our proven quality department will reproduce that solution time and time again. Contact us to see the improvements Alliance can offer your operation.


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Micro Tools

Utilizing Swiss technology and materials combined with our extensive expertise, Alliance CNC produces Swiss precision micro tooling in the USA.


Using balanced wheels and a unique peel-grinding technique, our Swiss-made Rollomatic P5 machine holds diameters within a 5 micron tolerance with little to no variation over long production runs. The optimum surface finishes produced, result in increased tool life.


Alliance CNC maintains unparalleled repeat accuracy when grinding even the smallest tooling. Hand assembled in Switzerland, our highly accurate and precise TTB machines utilize hydrodynamic technology to guarantee backlash free movements of less than 0.0004 mm.


Platit  Pi80 Coating Vessel

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, our Pi80 coating vessel uses LARC technology (LAteral Rotating Cathodes) to apply performance enhancing, nanocomposite coatings to our tooling.



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